Logistics Services by Region

Logistics Services by Region

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Boost Efficiency & Visibility

Regional supply chain solutions for your business

Providing you with extensive reach and visibility through our regional supply chain solutions designed to move your goods efficiently and reliably.

Specializing in multimodal services, we ensure your shipments are delivered seamlessly, leveraging our extensive global network and deep local expertise across Africa and beyond.

Our unique approach combines personalized service with the capability to manage any shipment size, guaranteeing tailored solutions that fit your regional and global needs.

Partner with Limark Forwarding to unlock a world of opportunities and drive your business forward with unmatched precision and reliability.

Logistics services by region

Streamline your logistics by consolidating your needs with our comprehensive, multimodal suite of global services. From start to finish, regardless of market or region worldwide, we ensure a smooth, unified experience.


Our ever-expanding network is fueled by a growing regional market. With our carriers and partners spanning key coastal hubs across Africa, we guarantee reliable, secure, and cost-effective transportation solutions.

  • Reliable and secure transportation solutions across Africa

  • Seamless connections between key origins and destinations

  • Tailored services to meet diverse logistics needs while ensuring efficiency and affordability


We provide efficient transportation solutions across Asia, connecting trade hubs seamlessly for timely delivery. With our vast network and regional expertise, we tailor services to optimize logistics and supply chain efficiency.

  • Extensive network—reach all corners of Asia Pacific

  • Multimodal transportation—land, air, and ocean freight options

  • Trade compliance expertise—efficient customs clearance process


Move your freight across Europe with our industry-leading technology and comprehensive suite of services. Our global network of experts helps you unlock shipping optimization opportunities and build resilient supply chains, ultimately boosting your efficiency and performance.

  • Reliable transportation solutions across Europe
  • Seamless connections between key trade hubs

  • Tailored services to meet specific needs while ensuring cost efficiency

Latin America

Navigate Latin America’s logistics with confidence. Our extensive regional network and expertise, combined with industry-leading technology and a comprehensive suite of services, ensure the smooth delivery of your cargo across the continent.

  • Seamless connections between major economic hubs and remote locations/destinations across Latin America

  • Reliable transportation solutions across Latin America

  • Tailored services catering to diverse logistics needs

Middle East

Expand your global reach seamlessly. Access diverse, reliable capacity across the Middle East with our extensive experience. We guide you through every step, from selecting the best shipping lanes to navigating local import regulations.

  • Cultural and regulatory expertise—navigate the Middle Eastern market

  • Customized solutions—tailored logistics plans to meet your needs

  • Seamless shipping experience—efficient movement of your goods

North America

Power your global supply chain. Leverage our industry-leading technology, unmatched North American capacity, and cross-industry expertise to meet diverse needs and deliver value to your business.

  • Extensive coverage—reach all corners of North America

  • Multimodal transportation—land, air, and ocean freight options

  • Streamlined logistics—efficient movement of your goods

Regional shipping solutions, from local to global

Achieve your supply chain and business goals effortlessly with our comprehensive global suite of services and cutting-edge technology.

From local insights to worldwide logistics expertise, our team of dedicated supply chain experts is here to propel your business forward.

Experience unrivaled reliability and seamless service across every mode, every day, and everywhere. With our unmatched information advantage and global scale, you can optimize operations in any region of the world.

Inter-connected Supply Chain Network

Count on a more connected supply chain network

Experience the power of connectivity with our integrated supply chain networks. Seamlessly link your operations across regions and continents, leveraging our extensive network and cutting-edge technology.

From optimizing routes to enhancing visibility, we ensure your supply chain operates as a cohesive, agile system, driving efficiency and unlocking new opportunities for your business growth.

The extra mile & beyond

We go beyond regional logistics. Our experts become an extension of your team, providing guidance and solving problems across your entire supply chain.

We analyze everything — from freight selection to transport mode, even your industry — to tailor solutions that exceed expectations and fuel your global success.

Driven by expertise

Driven by our seasoned expertise, we navigate complexities seamlessly. Our adept team specializes in delivering tailored logistics solutions across diverse regions and industries. With meticulous planning and innovative approaches, we ensure flawless execution, driving your business towards success.

Frequently asked questions

Explore our curated selection of frequently asked questions to gain insights into our services, expertise, and approach.

What are your customs clearance capabilities?2024-02-20T14:20:26+00:00

Our experienced team handles all customs clearance procedures, ensuring swift and compliant border crossings.

What types of freight does Limark Forwarding handle?2024-02-20T14:07:02+00:00

We are a full-service freight forwarder, handling air, ocean, land, and even multimodal shipments for all cargo types, including hazardous materials.

Can Limark Forwarding facilitate just-in-time (JIT) inventory management across complex global supply chains?2024-02-20T14:10:07+00:00

Absolutely! We deploy advanced demand forecasting and dynamic inventory optimization models coupled with lean supply chain strategies.

Our global network and strategic partnerships ensure timely deliveries and buffer stock management for seamless JIT implementation.

How does Limark Forwarding leverage real-time visibility (RTV) and control tower technology to mitigate multimodal transport risks?2024-02-20T14:12:39+00:00

We utilize robust RTV platforms integrated with global carrier networks, providing proactive risk identification and mitigation.

Our control towers leverage AI and predictive analytics to anticipate disruptions, reroute shipments, and ensure optimal modal selection for cost and efficiency.

How can Limark Forwarding help optimize my supply chain?2024-02-20T14:14:43+00:00

We analyze your unique needs and provide customized solutions, from consolidation and warehousing to inventory management and risk mitigation.

Our comprehensive solutions

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Logistics services by region

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