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Pharma / Healthcare Logistics

Pharma and healthcare logistics solutions

Pharmaceutical and healthcare supply chains are uniquely complex and demand absolute precision. That’s why we’ve developed a specialized, comprehensive pharma and healthcare solution tailored to your needs.

Designed to minimize risk, enhance flexibility, and provide end-to-end visibility, our services allow you to manage your supply chain confidently. Trust our expertise to keep you fully in control, ensuring the highest standards of safety and reliability every step of the way.

pharma and healthcare logistics

What sets our pharma and healthcare logistics services apart

Easily optimize your supply chain with Limark’s dedicated pharma and healthcare solutions. We not only handle complex logistics but also enhance performance and safeguard your valuable cargo with unparalleled expertise and precision.

Visibility and reliability

With our advanced monitoring systems, we offer real-time data and insights on temperature, location, and security, ensuring you have complete visibility and control at all times.

Adaptive accuracy

As experts in logistics, our control over sea-based assets enables us to respond swiftly, preventing temperature excursions and protecting your sensitive cargo.

Wide reach and custom solutions

Our extensive carrier network and cold storage facilities allow us to deliver customized end-to-end solutions, ensuring efficient and reliable logistics from start to finish.


We prioritize carbon reduction, energy optimization, and waste minimization across the supply chain, contributing to a healthier planet and a more responsible industry.


We understand the critical importance of transporting life-saving medical products. Our team of seasoned cold chain experts ensures that your cargo receives the highest level of care, guaranteeing safe and timely delivery.

Specialized solutions

Maximize efficiency and minimize hassle with our end-to-end logistics solutions. Our integrated global network handles all modes of transportation, customs clearance, and door-to-door delivery, simplifying your supply chain.

Healthcare logistics services for every sub-sector

Prepare for a healthier future with specially designed logistics services fully equipped with special handling options, storage facilities, and more. Choose from a variety of integrated shipping solutions that support all aspects of the healthcare field including Biopharma transport, medical devices and diagnostics, and consumer health.

pharma and healthcare logistics


Limark’s biopharma logistics solutions are precision-engineered to ensure the safe, timely, and compliant delivery of your critical products. Our deep expertise in temperature-controlled logistics, backed by years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector, guarantees adherence to the strictest industry guidelines, from factory to pharmacy.

We eliminate costly inefficiencies with value-added services like on-time delivery, direct-to-hospital, 24/7 support, and comprehensive recall management – all within strategically controlled environments that safeguard the integrity of your high-value biopharmaceuticals, vaccines, APIs, and clinical trial materials.

Medical devices and diagnostics

Limark Logistics Solutions is your trusted partner for specialized medical device and diagnostic logistics, offering tailored solutions including orthopedic loaner kit and consignment stock management, procedure-based trolley preparation, sterile picking, and clean room operations.

To ensure your critical medical devices are always available, we provide 24/7 standby service, in-hospital replenishments, white-glove deliveries, and meticulous spare parts management. Our expertise spans all classes of medical devices (I, IIa, IIb, III), guaranteeing precision handling and unwavering compliance.

pharma and healthcare logistics

Consumer health

We specialize in creating tailored supply chain and transportation solutions for various destinations, such as pharmacies, retail outlets, and direct-to-patient deliveries. Our dedicated warehouse operations and regional distribution centers, equipped with control towers, efficiently manage daily shipments.

We specialize in the supply of essential healthcare products, including vitamins, supplements & nutrition, dental care, and rehabilitation equipment. Our commitment to maintaining optimal stock levels, adhering to stringent quality controls, and utilizing cutting-edge technology guarantees that your products are not only delivered on time but also in pristine condition.

Driven To Deliver

Helping our customers to help the world

Get a partner with the right combination of carrier network and technology. We have the scale to deliver life-saving healthcare products worldwide. Our secure, GDP-compliant, and temperature-controlled logistics solutions ensure your pharmaceuticals reach those who need them most.

Integrated Supply Chain Solutions

Supply chain & logistics solutions

From strategy to delivery, Limark streamlines your operations with customized logistics solutions. Our expertise empowers you to navigate complexities and optimize every step, ensuring a seamless journey for your business.

Supply chain development

Supply chain development

Our supply chain experts assist you in identifying key areas for improvement, facilitating the creation of a more efficient and cost-effective logistics network.

customs services limark

Limark customs services

Streamline your customs procedures with our end-to-end customs services, ensuring efficient clearance and hassle-free movement of your goods.

Cold chain logistics

Maintain the integrity of your temperature-sensitive cargo with our specialized cold chain logistics solutions, ensuring precise handling and timely delivery.

Warehousing and distribution

Maximize efficiency with strategically located warehouses, seamlessly managing inventory and delivering goods promptly to their destinations.

Warehousing and Distribution

Solving Industry Challenges

Contact our team of dedicated healthcare logistics experts

Whether you’re delivering to laboratories, retail pharmacies, nursing homes, or hospitals—keep your essential healthcare shipments safe and secure with support from trained healthcare logistics professionals.

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